Stef Liu (Stephanie) is a Masters of Industrial Design candidate at Central Saint Martins. She had previously studied at the Rhode Island School of Design where she acquired her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with Honors. Although majoring in Industrial Design, Stef believes that it is important to practice and be trained in a multi-disciplinary fashion. Her projects and work experience range from fashion accessories, consumer product design and development to graphic and user experience design. 

Stef has always been fascinated with the way humans interact with each other, objects around her and her environment. She strives to bring this sensitivity into her work, seeking balance between form, function and emotion to create objects and experiences that are memorable, desirable and meaningful. During her senior year at RISD, Stef began exploring the intersection of fashion and technology. Her conceptual smog mask "Lumoscura" was featured on Designboom and The Guardian respectively. 

Stef enjoys being at the frontier of fashion, yet believes that good design should not follow trends blindly. She has an appreciation for elegant and clean design styles that can withstand the test of time.


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