Amélie Bag

Amélie is a vegan-friendly, convertible, large yet lightweight tote bag- perfect for the girl who needs to carry around a lot of stuff with style. The bag has multiple compartments that are divided into electronics, documents and personal items sections. It adopts a timeless shape and color for the base but allows the top flap to be swapped out for a color of the season or a pattern that matches ones outfit.

User specific soft-good Redesign project for RISD Industrial Design Design Principles II, Spring 2013



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Updating Idea into line, produced 2 stage prototypes at friend’s factory In Guangzhou, China, Brief planning of business model, distribution & marketing strategy. 

Purpose: Modularity, Interchangeability. 

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wintersession 2015

Continuing Education Class: Apparel and Accessories Production

Redesign of flap mechanism and bag changing from tote to backpack, introducing collaborations between local craftsmen for flaps- adding matching accessory (e.g small pouch that can detach from flap)

Purpose: Sustainability, convertibility, versatility, collaboration with grass root orgs
and new designers to promote a different model of fashion consumerism.


With a fast-pace lifestyle, a lot of us are constantly traveling between one destination to another. Sometimes it may be a short commute, some times a weekend trip and sometimes a well deserved vacation across the seas. How can the bag be redesigned to make these transitions from one place to another easier? We are adapting to the future, so should our bags and suitcases. 

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Collaborating with grass root organizations, local craftsmen and individual designers that are making an effort in conserving the planet.  Many of these companies that are doing amazing work (supporting women, up-cycling materials) go unknown due to the lack of marketing efforts and product appeal. Through collaboration, they can contribute to their expertise in craft and material towards a bag and brand that is already accepted by the market. This will help them promote their businesses as well as provide more choices for those who already are loyal to the brand. 

*Combining slow fashion with fast fashion, buy less, use for longer

                     Wallets by Threads of Gujarat  & Work from RISD Apparel Student Julia Han

Craftswomen at Palestyle- Dubai

Flap Design Examples using Manos Zapotecas Mexican Weaves