Biodata Futures Service Promo and User Interview Short Video. All content shown is for academic purposes only.

biodata futures

Degree Project, 2018 - MA Industrial Design, Central Saint Martins

The development of new technologies proposes innovative solutions that promise to bring humanity forward, but inevitably introduces new ethical and moral dilemmas that we must collectively address and tackle along the way. This design project explores the future of personal biodata through the investigation of current trends and concerns regarding the future of healthcare, the quantified self, data ownership and data exchange. The project adopts speculative design strategies to paint a picture of a near future context, one in which personal biodata is owned and managed by the individual. Through a service platform, individuals have the power to share and monetise their data in exchange for services and rewards, thus promoting a democratic, circular data ecosystem that improves the lives of individuals and accelerates biomedical research. 

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The aim of the project is to explore both the opportunities and ethical and social implications of innovation (through ethnographic research and user-centric design), to stimulate discussion amongst the public, and inform services and policies concerning personal data management of the not so distant future. 



The project has two main components. The first component introduces INFINITY, a blockchain-enabled business as the service provider which has been constructed in light of current trends and commercial proposals. The app and products seek to visualise the platform and provide ground for discussion with users and industry professionals.


Map of Business Activity and Actions

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Map of Data Flow & Stakeholders 

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Part of INFINITY's business model is to partner with and support self-quantifying product manufacturers and startups to produce innovative and highly accurate devices sold exclusively in the INFINITY marketplace. This activity address a few potential issues such as product integrity and data reliability.

The selected products brought to prototyping phase assesses the future of self-quantification and the technologies in development that will allow monitoring to become less invasive, more portable, or more ubiquitous. 



The second component utilises three personas and fictional scenarios to assess how such service could lead to misuse or unexpected consequences when human behaviour comes into the mix. 



The project is led by extensive ethnographic research and user feedback. Surveys and interviews have been conducted at various stages of the project. 

Process Video for Biodata Futures, Degree Project of Stef Liu, MAID Central Saint Martins. All content used for academic purposes only.

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