At bevé, we believe that water is as essential of a resource as your phone, credit cards and keys. We keep all of these items close to us each day, but where does water fit in the picture? Looking at current water vessel options on the market, Is there a better, more convenient way to carry all the essentials while going about our daily life? Bevé attempts to answer the question with a portable hydration system that is fashionable and practical.

Designed for young women living in urban cities, bevé is perfectly sized for the trip to the mall, the bike ride through the neighborhood and the picnic at the park. One part of bevé is a 550ml BPA free plastic tear-shaped bottle, while the other part is a high quality Italian leather wrap bag with a detachable cross-body strap. The interior of the bag is lined with water-resistant rubber grip material. The two large pockets allow the user to put all her essentials in one place. The entire cap can be removed for easier cleaning, as well as adding your favorite flavors.

Take bevé with you on a journey!


Bevé was created in collaboration with Jie Gao, Diana Du and Sottithat Winyarat.


We approached our problem through a series of steps, including observational research, competitor research concept generation, sketch prototyping and user feedback. This allowed us to narrow down to one concept that we believe is this most desirable, viable, and feasible.


After deciding on our final concept, we honed in on the user and identified her daily activities. We drew up 3 lines that fitted the users lifestyle, including sports, lifestyle and work. These 3 lines differ from each other in terms of material for the wrap bag (Neoprene, canvas or Leather) as well as bottle material (Plastic, glass or stainless steel).

After agreeing on our final concept, we honed in on the target user and identified her daily activities. We then translated that into 3 potential lines for our water bottle + bag concept, differentiated by material of the bag (neoprene, canvas and leather) and material of the bottle (plastic, glass and stainless steel).



For our final prototype, we decided to produce a plastic bottle (vacuum formed) along with a genuine leather bag. We sourced our materials from Boston and NYC and produced a flat pattern for the pattern maker to stitch our bag together. The bottle was made in the RISD model shop.

Flat Bag.jpg



A few students from RISD modeling bevé. (Thanks to Luna, Stephanie, Brianna, Kristen and Ava)



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2014 Design for Entreprenuership, RISD