rag & bone internship work

Worked closely with Accessories Design Manager to develop SS16 Jewelry collection and FW16 RTW footwear, handbags and accessories collections. Tasks include building inspiration boards- taking elements from past collections (brand DNA), vintage items and current/projected fashion trends; design sketching, producing CMF boards and comment sheets for overseas manufacturers in China, Italy. Assisted in meetings with merchandizing, whole sale, retail and senior executive teams.


SS16 Runway Jewelry


Inspiration Board

Concept Sketch- Earring

Final Designs & Specs- Earring

Prototype Review- Bracelet



Star Wars Force 4 Fashion Special Edition- Footwear


Sketch Up of past season sneaker: Korban Trainer                                            CAD of CMF with Photoshop



Colorup Example


Style Manipulation Example (Original vs. New)


Material & Color Manipulation Examplee


Existing Sneaker Outsole (Vibram 186C) to New Sketch Example



lllustrator Line Up Examples


Women's SLG Concept Example

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