Stellata Lamp

Inspired by origami and the twinkling star, stellata is a lamp that strives to incorporate function with a clean and elegant form suitable for modern environments. The multi-faceted lampshade is made out of styrene, attached to the stand with clear pvc rods. The stand is made out of clear rectangular pvc tubing secured on to an acrylic pyramid-shaped base. When the light is switched on, the pieces of styrene diffuses the light at different brightnesses depending on the angle and distance from the lightsource,, The clear rods allow light to travel to the surface of the lampshade to create light spots that share the same brightness as the space between the facets.

Stellata uses a 60W energy, effecient lightbulb, it can serve as a table lamp or a floor lamp for a living room or bedroom, adding a touch of excitement and energy without disrupting the overall ambience of a clean and quiet space.

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