Winter's Gift Set

Cup holder: 3-ply Ash veneer lamination infused with pine scented oils, illustration of pine tree burnt into the surface

The cup holder idea came to mind when I was picking up the café’s cardboard cup holder and slotting it through my coffee cup. The purpose of a cup holder is to keep our hands away from the heat of the cup, but like a paper cup or a paper bag, it seldom gets re-used again. Hence, the design has not been well considered and the material used is cheap, further giving people the impression that it is okay to simply dispose of after one use. I wanted to design a cup holder that was more aesthetically pleasing and could be used multiple times. This would be done by being more considerate of the material used and by paying more attention to the way the cup holder interacts with the tea or coffee cup itself. 

Aspects of the Japanese aesthetics sensibility I wanted to explore in my project includes the sensitivity towards materials, the allure of the obscured, the love of the perishable and weathered, and the significance of a multi-sensory experience. I was also interested in relating my project to the Japanese people’s love for seasons. 

RISD Wintersession 2013